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Are you a publisher? Cooperate with us!

For over 10 years, we have cooperated with the publishers in the scope of providing electronic versions of newspapers. We have signed contracts for delivery and use of over 200 press titles in the electronic version. We cooperate, among others, with the largest Polish press publisher – AGORA. Under the cooperation, we offer media monitoring on preferential terms and also offer to conduct research on freely chosen subjects.

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Are you a journalist? Join our base!

Ensure to yourself a constant inflow of press news about the subjects of your interest thanks to using MediaContact data base. MediaContact has been designed for facilitating the flow of information between companies, institutions and journalists, exclusively for the purpose of enabling them to send press releases and invitations to press conferences. As a journalist, you have the right to insight your data, correct them and to request the ceasing of processing of your personal data.

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