Valuable media data is just the beginning,
we change them into strategic information.

Too much information? Looking for new clients? We discover the
media power and popularity of brands among the Internet users for you.
In IMM, you can check any brand and its rivals in all media.

We check on marketing actions and public relation in PESO media ecosystem. We are inspired by the cross presence of media. We follow purchasing impulses and opinions published in social media. We give you complex tools for planning marketing strategy and developing the brand. They are based on long-stand benchmark research. Our analyses accurately determine the media power and popularity of brands. They are also indispensable source of consumers' insight. Try for yourself and order test benchmark bulletin for your brand!




Select brands and determine their media power and popularity. In the module the results are shown at once on interactive graphs. With one click only you can move from any diagram to the source materials straight away and check those most valuable or those that require attention.

Juxtapose indicators, check trends, select media and brands and with ease interpret the data in infographic form. You will receive a complex insight into information about strength and value of your brand in media as well as among clients that speak out in social media. You may join in the discussion about your brand and respond to the Internet users' needs. You can also check what effects are reached by rivalling brands. The analytic module is FREE for all IMM clients.

Interactive and friendly
interface, easy navigation and comfortable data management
Well-done comparisons
easy benchmark and comparison to competition or inside the portfolio
All media in one place
and possibilities of free arrangement of different media types and analysing the data up to two years back


These are comparable infographics on your mail account. Every week you will receive new set of data collected according to your needs. In the interactive version you will check on details of all researched brands and instantly you will be able to compare the effects of marketing actions.

Check the media potential of your brands against the competition. We will analyse the industry for you and will regularly provide you with essential information in a form of interactive bulletin. This is a mobile marriage of analytic module's assets and results of monitoring of all media.


In the bulletins you can find:

• comparison in time and against the market,

• share of voice in media,

• range and advertising value equivalent,

• Internet users' discussions about the researched brands,

• juxtaposition of opinion leaders in social media, top authors of articles and juxtaposition of media most frequently writing about the analysed brands,

• report on brand's key subjects popular in the media, among others.


Act basing on significant data and valuable insight. Our reports will provide you with many inspirations that are published in the media and by the Internet users every day. We know how to find them and show the most valuable for brand positioning. We can also spot the potential image crisis. We keep our finders on media pulse.

We report the effects of communications and image status against the competition. We check the scale of information reaching the target group, lead to consumer insights, diagnose clients' needs and point to negative opinions about the brand. Our report is a basis for creating and modifying marketing strategy as well as source of inspiration for creative steps.

Competent analysts
experienced with deep expertise in the target area are our strength
Wide range of indicators
used to determine the communication effect like reach, popularity, engagement, vale, advertising equivalent, overtone, character of the information, SoV and topics
Attention to details
legible presentation of information, personalisation of content and visualisation of the data; additionally, advisory and help on the project
Key trends
analysis of the context of statement, subject, identification of opinion leaders, pointing to important discussions and particular materials
Consumers' insights
thematic inspiration, emotions and expectations against the brand as well as insight into consumers' needs
Deepened analysis
SWOT, key message penetration, brand and organisation image, analysis of category/ the industry and studying on the crisis effects


Increase your target group reach and attract new clients in the net. Check on opinions about brands published by the Internet users. Find the words most often associated with the brands – you can use them in your creative work.

Focus on what develops your communication and support the brand in social media: new points of contact, inspirations for content marketing, sales signals and audit targeting support. Social Media Compass will provide you with knowledge where in the net sales, communications and image potential is. Check your credibility in the eyes of consumers and learn their expectations towards your brand. Social listening is no secret for us.


In Compass, you will find:

• pointing to the key discussion places,

• analysis of the statement context,

• identification of opinion leaders in social media,

• evaluation of the so-far communication,

• recommendations of reach channels optimisation among others.


Responding call for help in the net is one of the most effective and most pleasurable sales techniques for Clients. Sales IMMPulses allow to join in discussion about your brand in social media straightaway. Thanks to it you can quickly cater for the Client's needs and also win their support.

Use our tools to save time and optimise labour costs by outsourcing services that support communication and sales management. Thanks to solutions offered you will be able to use all your energy to better position your brand as well as improve sales effects. Now you can find potential Clients in the net and start communicating with them. Order test sales IMMPuls and check how many clients are looking for your brand today. Check on your competition.

Alerts and notifications
early alert systems for crisis prevention and sales IMMPluses
Media review
daily dose of headlines from personalised monitoring in convenient manner
cyclical support in the internal communication
Additional indicators
calculating the additional indicators (effective AVE among others)
Summaries and translations
comprehensive coverage of media pieces
Statistical reports
media analysis enriched by effective communication indicators
Clients about us

We have cooperated with the Institute of Media Monitoring for eight years. The IMM reports on Kolporter’s media coverage enable us to evaluate key parameters of effectiveness of our PR activities - the information reach, list of contacts, Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). Tools and solutions brought by IMM fulfill all expectations of a modern PR department of a large company. It is a “first aid kit” of every press spokesperson.

Dariusz Materek
Press Spokesperson

Coca-Cola chose IMM many years ago. To us, the Institute’s reports, be it daily media reviews as well as monthly and quarterly reports including Social Media Compass, are an invaluable and professional source of information.

Joanna Grabowska
Senior Public Affairs & Communications Manager Poland

New Platform of the Institute of Media Monitoring is well designed, legible, aesthetic and highly functional. The new feature that highlights all sources and categorizes them has been very well though out. Just like the refined Analytical Module.

Artur Woliński
President of the Board
Newseria Information Agency

I have cooperated with the Institute of Media Monitoring for a dozen or so years now, first in Sigma agency and for seven years already in Solski BM. The duration of cooperation speaks volumes about how well it has proceeded and the IMM services withstand the highest standards. Although the word “stand” is not appropriate in this case because the service are systematically refined on and modernized. In the result we can provide our clients – from small Polish companies to the biggest international corporations – with a broad knowledge about what the Polish media write, broadcast and blog. This inclines me to recommend IMM as a reliable and proven partner.

Ryszard Solski
President of the Board
Solski Burson-Marsteller

Volvo Car Poland has cooperated with IMM for years. Customer service standards in IMM can be a role model for any other company that provides customer service. We also appreciate a holistic approach to media monitoring, vast range of press titles, websites, social media and broadcast stations that overall paint the most reliable picture of the Polish media market. We recommend IMM as partner for cooperation and provider of the key PR tool.

Rafał Zomerfeld
Press Office
Volvo Car Poland

We have used IMM services for many years already. The Institute’s reliability and high precision provides us with indispensable knowledge about media and our brand. Analyses and reports compiled by IMM facilitate our work. They are also used by our European headquarters.

Magdalena Węglewska
PR Director
Mazda Motor Poland

I have cooperated with IMM for nearly five years now. I start and close a day with browsing the Platform. I successfully monitor Bisnode Polska image and the image of our direct market competitors in all media channels. The tool especially useful not only in daily monitoring but also for drawing rankings, charts and analyses. Fully automated, simple in use and intuitive helps save a lot of precious time.

Tomasz Starzyk
Bisnode Polska

Thanks to cooperation with IMM, Grupa Żywiec is able to systematically analyse its media image, measure the effects of our work, react quickly to the unfolding situation and also plan our actions. In relations between IMM and Grupa Żywiec we appreciate flexibility and also responsiveness to customer needs.

Katarzyna Borucka
Corporate Director
Grupa Żywiec S.A.

TUiR and TUnŻ Warta S.A. cooperate with the Institute of Media Monitoring since 2013. In line with our expectations, IMM draws precise media analyses on regular basis. Cyclical reviews cerate a complex insight into the position and value of the information about us in all media. Tools that IMM brings are intuitive, friendly and we cannot imagine our everyday work without them.

Iwona Mazurek
Marketing and Public Relations Department
TUiR i TUnŻ Warta S.A.

As PR manager, I cannot imagine my work without permanent media monitoring. Daily reports from IMM constitute an indispensable element of my work, they are reliable and provide neediest knowledge about Telewizja Puls media image. Nice and professional service on the side of IMM and understanding customer needs is also important.

Tomasz Wiaderek
PR Manager
Telewizja Puls

I have cooperated with IMM for five years and having tested various options of media monitoring, that are available on the market, the Institute remains uncompetitive. The company’s strength undoubtedly consists in the monitoring reach and competent workers – these are elements that I can absolutely evaluate positively :)

Katarzyna Maciaszczyk-Sobolewska
PR & Marketing Manager w i Ską

We have cooperated with IMM for many years and we are highly satisfied with services that the company provides. We value IMM for standards of its media monitoring, writing reports, computing data and also for professional, quick and very nice service. We also look with pleasure at a continuous growth of the Institute, broadening the offer of its services to meet its customers’ needs.

Beata Ptaszyńska-Jedynak
Communications Director
Carlsberg Polska

Consulting & More agency has cooperated with the Institute of Media Monitoring unceasingly for six years. Functional platform and flexible approach enable us to provide all our Clients with publications and cyclical media image reports within deadlines. We cannot imagine our everyday work without support from IMM.

Jakub Zajdel
Managing Partner
Consulting & More

IMM Platform is one of basic tools in my work. Service handling is simple in use and intuitive – everybody can handle the Platform, even a user who doesn’t have any technical skills. Consultants in IMM team are very helpful, they offer assistance and lend a helpful hand also in crisis situations.

Katarzyna Nielipińska
Junior PR Specialist
Reputation Managers

IMM is uncompetitive in media monitoring. Innovative tools combined with the extremely professional customer service are an invaluable help in everyday work of PR Department. I strongly recommend the company’s services. 

Iga Pietrusinska
Max Factor/ Sofralux Sp z oo

Quercus TFI S.A. is a client of the Institute of Media Monitoring for many years now. We recommend the IMM's services, because of the high quality data, the promptness of the delivery and also the capability of a complex analysis using the analytical module.

Dr Sebastian Buczek
President of the Management Board
Quecus TFI S.A.

Kompania Piwowarska has cooperated with IMM for over 10 years now - both in the area of media monitoring, drawing exhaustive media reports as well as thematic and daily press reports. Thanks to cooperation with IMM, I have an opportunity to monitor the information about a whole brewing industry in traditional and modern media. In addition, the augmented qualitative reporting rendered as media map enables us not only to evaluate our public relations activities but also to monitor trends and identify potential areas of interest. IMM fulfils all expectations of a modern communication department. The company is certainly a recommendable partner.

Klaudyna Polanowska-Skrzypek
Public Relations Manager
Kompania Piwowarska S.A.

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