Media 360 – build up brand’s popularity!

Monitor the coverage of your brand in all media versus rival brands.
Evaluate its popularity in social media and check the rival brands’ performance.
Compare the results displayed on the interactive benchmark graphs.
Order one of test media monitoring options and use the new analytical module FREE OF CHARGE.



Media 360 - we measure the effects of marketing communication in all media. We provide you with an advanced analytical tool for marketing strategy planning, systematic work on building up a brand’s popularity and the competitive environment analysis. With the new analytical module, you can freely select a brand that you want to analyse in the aspect of media coverage it generates and also its popularity. Results of the analysis immediately display on the interactive graphs. Below each of the graphs, you can display a drop-down list of source materials, with one click only, to check in real time the most valuable pieces of information for the brand or the information that calls for quick actions. You can use this source also as an inspiration by analysing your market rivals’ activities.


Talk about your brand in social media
and answer the Internet users’ needs.

By viewing a detailed drop-down list of results, to be found below a graph from any social media channel, you can directly go to the original post by clicking the “source”. From this level, you can also post your comment on every public profile. You can sort data on the list of results by clicking a selected heading and also modify a width of a column with description to match your current needs.


Compare indicators, check trends, select media
and brands and easily interpret the data
with the use of interactive graphs.

Now you can quickly evaluate the effects of your marketing communication by analysing, among others: count of publications, count of interactions, overtone, advertising value equivalent and reach in all the monitored media. You can download each graph in PDF, JPG, PNG or SVG format and use it in your study. When working on graphs, check the detailed data on the list of publications based on which the visualisation is generated. You can also edit an automatic evaluation of the overtone. The updated evaluation will be saved in media monitoring results on the IMM Platform. Pointing to any element of the graph with the use of cursor will show you the information about numerical and percentage share of the analysed brands. You can also randomly activate and deactivate a selected series of data by clicking on them in a diagram’s legend.


You can change a selection of the analysed media
any timeframes by clicking on icons of social networks,
portals, television, radio or press.

In a tree of catalogues, you can individually select a brand and its competitive environment from a list of monitored subjects.
The analysis timeframe can be set by clicking on a quick dates selection icon and using the options: from last log in, 1 week, 1 month or 1 quarter. You can also set any timeframe in an interactive calendar. Data on the graphs is updated in real time, each time a change is made. Full description of the scope of analysis is being displayed in the upper area of the results section.


You can personalize a layout view
of the new analytical module by choosing
light or dark colour of the skin.

You can also decide what indicators and benchmark lists are the most important for the brand’s media analysis through deactivating or changing order of the analysed subjects. By clicking on a title of a graph or a table, you can drag an object and drop it in a place of your choice in the results section. The module saves all personal settings.


Build up your brand’s popularity! Order FREE OF CHARGE a test media monitoring and see right now how the new analytical module works.


Clients about us

Analytical module is user friendly, even for the beginners. It enables to develop reports within chosen timeframes and from specific media. This is extremely important for a foundation because it helps us monitor the efficiency of actions that we take. Analytical module and other functionalities of the IMM Platform (for example searching for phrases in archive materials) complement each other perfectly making the end information complete.

Anna Sitek
Fundacja MY Pacjenci

New analytical module is an intuitive tool, which graphically presents popularity of my projects in media. I can quickly and accurately check what brands or projects are the most liked, which of them generate the biggest involvement and which have the biggest reach or AVE. All this being available within one application only. I recommend it!

Magda Rewucka
PR Manager
KiS Production Sp. z o.o.

With IM’s new analytical module, browsing the information and touchpoints is very intuitive. Graphics is maintained in an excellent style, it’s nice looking and encouraging to continue the exploration of other functionalities

Katarzyna Oleszczyk
Marketing Specialist CEE, Consumer
Oral Care & Topical

IMM’s new analytical module helps me quickly and easily monitor all the information about our organisation provided by traditional and Social Media. In the result, I can evaluate levels of activity and the scale of interest in actions that we take and events that we organize. At the same time, I see the module as a mine of information about current events in the industry, initiatives taken by our subsidiaries and also by market rivals.

Wojciech Falenta
PR Manager
Football Academy Group Foundation

Media analysis has never been so simple! With the new analytical module I can just click to check all the information published about my brands and my rivals. All this provided in a transparent and comprehensive way that facilitates quick analysis of the information and helps to draw conclusions.

Ania Dziedzic
PR Manager

Being an integral element of AMI monitoring, the analytical module is a very developed and yet simple in use tool. An opportunity of conducting a detailed analysis of the information about a brand and also about its market rivals, in media of one’s own choice and also within the individually set timeframes, enables to refine on the carried out marketing strategy both in short and long-term. I am impressed with the fact that the module can be customized in the aspect of both its layout and functionality. This shortens the data analysis process and updates the monitoring results and also presents them as interactive graphs that can be saved any time and be further used in the reports. To me, it is important that the module creates a chance to respond to the contents immediately and to verify and evaluate the data thoroughly. I think that every company, which values professionalism, should try this tool because it sets a brand new dimension for data analysis.

Norbert Oruba
Press Spokesperson and Marketing Manager

IMM analytical module carries a marked advantage over other tools available on the market. It enables to benchmark social media and the Internet publications against a traditional media coverage. This creates a full picture of media coverage that our clients generate and we can quickly adjust the communication strategy to current developments. I recommend it!

Michał Dunin
Managing Director

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