The most opinion-forming media

„The most opinion-forming media” research provides information about the count of quotations from media published in other media, exclusive of news agencies and quotations within the frames of one media and capital group. Permanent and high number of quotations might send up a reliability and the opinion-forming quality of a given medium thus creating a chance to improve its readership, viewing or listening rates. Data from the report “The most opinion-forming media” are used by media in, among others, descriptions of their latest achievements and successes. The research has been conducted continuously since September 2003.


Brand research and branch analyses

Chains of retailers, banking industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical companies – these are only few of the subjects that we discuss in the analyses of brands and companies in media. We regularly monitor popularity of brands in media and in chats, compare the advertising expenses and pay attention to the latest trends.


Social media research and the analysis of discussions on the Internet

In IMM we also dissect social aspect of the discussions, opinions and comments fed on the Internet. We encourage you to familiarize with a broad spectrum of subjects we analyze within the frames of research on the Internet.


Cross-sectional specialist research

We also conduct a cross-sectional research based on various sources of data. Have a ook at our analyses prepared for the Association of Polish Journalists, surveys carried out in cooperation with and reports compiled in cooperation with other organizations.


Bosses of the Polish Economy

The report presents heads of the biggest companies in Poland that receive the broadest media coverage and represent top 50 largest companies in Poland according to Rzeczpospolita daily. To companies the representatives of which are included in the ranking, it is an important information about their media image/


Ranking of the Polish politicians

In the years 2008-2009 we analyzed media activity of the Polish politicians in the most opinion-forming news programmes. The reports are accompanied by commentaries from Wiesław Gałązka, expert in the politicians media image.


Foreign televisions about Poland

Report “Foreign televisions about Poland” were published from August 2006 until March 2007. They analyzed the overtone of the foreign media’s coverage of Poland and Poles. The report present the key issues discussed in specific broadcasts, identify positive and negative aspects of publications that could have influenced the image of our country in the eyes of foreign viewers.

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